Responsible sourcing

Our suppliers are fundamental to the delivery of our targets

The raw materials and packaging items we buy today contribute to 80% of our Scope 3 emissions and we need to ensure that we source those responsibly to support a just transition.

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Sourcing with integrity

Not only are we focusing on the priority categories within our chemicals and packaging portfolio that drive our footprint but also on the sourcing of those goods. We already work closely with purchasing on the procurement of sustainably sourced paper for our packaging and have the processes in place to support our customers buying RSPO certified palm-based products.

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Across all of our sites we monitor our water usage not only for the production of our products but also water used to support our operations. Going forward we will work with our sites on water reduction and efficiency plans.

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We support all our customers with RSPO certified palm products via a mass-balance approach. Our sites are audited regularly to ensure compliance.


Supplier engagement

Suppliers are critical to our target delivery. We recognise that 80% of our Scope 3 emissions are coming from the choices we make in raw materials and packaging for our customers.

  • We are working on a supplier engagement programme with our top 70 suppliers to understand their carbon reduction plans and how this can help us in the delivery of our targets.
  • We have identified the carbon intensive chemicals and packaging items and will work directly with suppliers on those as a priority.
  • We want to continue to buy a lot of the components, but we need those to have a lower carbon impact going forward.


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